How to make butterfly pea tea

What to expect from Thé Paon teas

Our herbal teas are precise mixes of whole natural ingredients. And unlike the majority of teas and infusions currently on the market, Thé Paon butterfly pea teas do not contain synthetic or extracted flavours such as essences, oils, or fillers. As such, they are only lightly flavoured – the focus is on the butterfly pea. You might be interested about the differences between teas, tisanes, and herbal teas.

In general, 6-8 dried butterfly pea flowers of our “Pure butterfly pea” product in 150mL hot water will make a dark blue tea after 10 minutes. Each 25g packet of “Pure butterfly pea” contains approximately 350-375 premium quality blooms – that’s a 45-60 cups of blue tea!

Our butterfly pea tea blends (Chamomile, Ginger & Apple-passion) each contain ~20 servings of the herbal infusion per packet. In order to get the taste intensity and health benefits of our blends, it’s best to infuse 1 dessertspoonful of the herbal tea into 150mL of water. Of course, you can choose to make the tea as weak (or strong) as you like – you will always get a pretty blue but you might miss out on the antioxidant benefits. Overnight cold infusions (see below) often result a darker infusion.

Our butterfly tea blends contain ingredients with different sizes and weights. Some ingredients may have settled to the bottom during shipping, so we recommend you use these simple steps to get the best flavour in each cup:

  1. Carefully enlarge the bottom of the packet to make more room to mix the contents.
  2. Open the pack at the top, below the heat seal and above the zip lock.
  3. Stir the contents gently and take a dessertspoonful from the bottom of the packet to get a good mix of ingredients.
  4. Re-seal the packet using the zip lock to ensure the freshness of the contents.

Infusion recommendations

Butterfly pea tea can be made as either a hot or cold infusion.

Hot herbal infusion method

Butterfly pea flowers infuse more quickly in hot water, become blue faster, and create a healthy drink ready in 10 minutes. Infuse a dessertspoonful of mixed tea blend into 150mL hot water, for at least 10 minutes. The longer the infusion, the stronger the brew.

Tip: cover your tea cup during a hot infusion with a lid of glass or ceramic (like a saucer). This minimises the evaporation of volatile flavours and oils from the ingredients in your butterfly pea tea blend.

Cold herbal infusion method

This is a great option during the warmer months of the year. Scientific papers also show that a ‘low and slow’ extraction method increases the yield of active antioxidants. A cold infusion of your butterfly pea blend can be made at 4°C, although it will take more time. Infuse a dessertspoonful of a herbal tea blend into 150-200mL cold water, and place in the refrigerator overnight. Drink the infusion within 24 hours. We recommend the cold infusion method when using butterfly pea tea to create culinary treats.

Tip: Start the infusion with a little bit of hot water to help release the flavours of the accompanying ingredients, then top up with cold water before putting into the fridge.