Chamomile blue tea

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“Chamomile blue” is a herbal butterfly pea tea blend. Combining traditional flavours from Europe and Asia, this simple blend balances maximal antioxidants from butterfly pea flowers and the fresh familiar taste of chamomile, certified organic in France.

Chamomile has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress levels, and this herbal tea is a great way to relax and regenerate your energy.  See details >

Butterfly pea flowers, chamomile
Flavour profile
Floral nose; tastes floral, herbal, & fresh
Health benefits
Anti-inflammatory due to the abundance of natural antioxidants. Bioactive components of chamomile suggest a role in reducing stress/anxiety and supporting cognitive function
Drinking & cooking

Can be enjoyed as a hot or cold drink, colour-changing mocktails and cocktails, and sweet culinary creations.

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A simple herbal tea blend of traditional flavours from Europe and Asia. A balance between maximum antioxidants from butterfly pea flowers and the fresh familiar taste of chamomile, certified organic in France.
INGREDIENTS: Butterfly pea flowers (organic), chamomile flower heads (organic).

Throughout history the peacock (le paon) has been a symbol of royalty and immortality. Today, modern science shows a diet rich in antioxidants can slow changes associated with ageing and disease. While we can’t promise you eternal life, Thé Paon can offer you the next best thing: a drink bursting with natural antioxidants.

Thé Paon is made from vibrant flowers of the butterfly pea plant (C. ternatea), rich in anthocyanins that give the tea its unique peacock-blue colour. Studies show that these antioxidants reduce blood sugar fluctuations, fat generation, and inflammation – a smart choice for a caffeine-free drink.

Our lightly flavoured tisanes and teas contain natural ingredients with no added ‘arômes naturels’, essential oils, or fillers. They’re also a great base for colourful cocktails; add lemon or lime juice for a dramatic change to magenta.

For more information on the antioxidants in Thé Paon teas, check out “Antioxidants in butterfly pea tea”.

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