About Thé Paon

What is a “paon”?

Thé Paon is pronounced “teh pon” and literally means “peacock tea” – a reference to the vivid blue colour of our butterfly pea teas. Throughout history the peacock (“le paon” in French) has been a symbol of royalty and immortality across many cultures.

But what do we associate with the concept of ‘immortality’ today? Two things spring to mind: being remembered for a positive contribution to humanity, and living a long and happy life.

In regards to living long and well, modern science shows that a diet rich in antioxidants can slow the cellular changes associated with ageing and disease. While we can’t promise you eternal life per se, Thé Paon can offer you the next best thing: premium butterfly pea tisanes bursting with potent natural antioxidants.

Health 💙 Flavour 💙 Environmental and Social Sustainability 💙 Offering something unique to discover.

These are the things that motivate us, and why we started making unique butterfly pea tisanes that are good for you, and good for our planet.

The founders

Photo of Nick


Nick has a PhD in Medicine (Australia) specialising in liver & colon cancer research, and has worked in research and biotechnology labs for over 20 years. His scientific approach ensures that our teas are healthy, and prepared and packed safely. Nick first tried butterfly pea in a mojito while travelling Thailand.

Photo of David


David is passionate about health, the environment, and sustainability. As a business consultant he helps international businesses navigate the challenges in becoming more dynamic and sustainable. David's first experience with a butterfly pea drink was in a health spa in Thailand.

Made with love in Provence

Thé Paon is based in the south of France in the 2,600 year-old city of Marseille. 

We are proud to bring the best of Provence and the Mediterranean to you:

  • premium ingredients from established French épiceries and herboristeries
  • European standards for organic products
  • European standards for environment and climate-friendly packaging

We are passionate about taking care of you and the planet, and are working towards 100% organic and sustainable products. 

Our co-founder has a PhD in cancer research (Sydney, Australia) and knows too well the effects of oxidative stress on the cells and tissues within our bodies. The potent antioxidants present in Thé Paon butterfly pea tisanes help your body combat everyday oxidative stress. It’s just what the doctor ordered to help us minimise damage and maintain a healthy lifestyle… even recover when we’ve overindulged.

Follow us @thepaonfr on Instagram and Facebook for pictures and recipes using our butterfly pea teas.

Everything we do can make a difference.

That’s why we have worked hard to find packaging and labels that are compostable, biodegradable, and non-toxic. We also send your butterfly pea tisanes use shipping materials made from recycled materials. It’s also why we’ve absorbed most of the eco-cost, because customers shouldn’t have to pay more to protect our planet.

We source ingredients from regional French merchants, and always choose organic where possible. Our butterfly pea flowers come from Thailand — the best quality we can find. We are investing in growing our own butterfly pea vines, and hope to harvest from right here in Provence, France. 

We’ve also chosen Stripe to process payments on our website because of their commitment to the environment. Stripe offset their carbon footprint using new carbon-capture green technology.

Please sit back and relax, and enjoy our beautiful environmentally-conscious products.

Planet first

Our manifesto


Whole, natural ingredients with no added flavouring.

Organic where possible.

Butterfly pea flowers bursting with antioxidants.

We make no health claims beyond what the science says.


Good for the planet

We go the extra mile to package everything in earth-friendly materials:

  • 100% compostable packaging.
  • 100% biodegradable labelling.
  • Packaging made from recycled materials.

And our ingredients are sourced from regional French providers where possible.

We choose to work with partners and companies who are also environmentally conscious.


One of the many things we love about France is the wonderful food and the quality of the ingredients available.

By themselves, dried butterfly pea flowers have a neutral flavour. So for people who want the benefits of butterfly pea antioxidants with a flavour, we have developed three delicious and enticing blends with all-natural, whole ingredients tuned to French flavour profiles: