Double-walled Glass Tea Infuser

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Create delicious and healthy butterfly pea infusions with this doubled-walled glass infuser. This insulated glass infuser will keep your drink cool and your hands warm, and is perfect for making cold infusions. Just add fruit, herbs, or spices with butterfly pea blooms to the stainless steel infusion filter basket, click it into place, and add water – easy!
The potent antioxidants in butterfly pea flowers infuse easily into water, producing infusions that are naturally anti-inflammatory, with colours ranging from blue to bright crimson. Learn more >

This item includes:

  • 1x double-walled glass flask (400mL)
  • 1x stainless steel infusion filter basket with handle
  • 1x flask lid


Care and maintenance

  • Hand wash only.
  • Rinse well with fresh water to create high quality infusions.
  • Double-walled glass; treat with care



Hot and cold infusions. Cold infusions of butterfly pea flowers may result in increased antioxidant capacity.


How to make cold infusions

  1. Thoroughly clean the flask, filter basket, and lid with a mild detergent, then rinse with fresh water
  2. Place butterfly pea flowers, and any other ingredients if required, into the filter basket
  3. Using the handle located on the filter basket, lower the filter into the glass flask and click into place. The filter basket should remain fixed in place during the infusion.
  4. Add cold still water, gently screw the lid on, and set aside to infuse. We recommend that infusions made with cold water be placed in the fridge (4°C) for 8 hours.
  5. Inverting the infuser from time to time will speed up the infusion


This infuser is not compatible with carbonated or sparkling waters, or other fizzy drinks – though these may be added to the infusion once the desired colour and flavour is achieved.


How to purchase

Choose from one of our Infusion Kits:
(1) Infusion Kit #1, Infuser + 1x Pure butterfly pea
(2) Infusion Kit #2, Infuser + 2x Pure butterfly pea
(3) Infusion Kit #3, Infuser + 1x Pure butterfly pea + 1x Butterfly pea tea (choose from Chamomile, Ginger, or Apple-passion)

Thé Paon’s “Pure butterfly pea” organic flowers are an unadulterated herbal tea-base with light grassy notes, and are a potent source of antioxidants for drinks and culinary concepts. These naturally-blue antioxidants infuse easily into hot or cold water, resulting in a bright blue infusion. Adding ingredients such as citrus zest, fresh herbs and flowers, cucumber, or fruits will flavour the infusion and mask the light flavour of the flowers.

Butterfly pea infusions have anti-inflammatory properties, and can change from iridescent blue to violet and even crimson with the addition of acidic fruits or sodas.


Thé Paon
Throughout history the peacock (le paon in French) has been a symbol of royalty and immortality. Today, modern science shows a diet rich in antioxidants can slow changes associated with ageing and disease. While we can’t promise you eternal life, Thé Paon can offer you the next best thing: a drink bursting with natural antioxidants.

Thé Paon is made from vibrant flowers of the butterfly pea plant (C. ternatea), rich in anthocyanins that give the tea its unique peacock-blue colour. Studies show that these antioxidants reduce blood sugar fluctuations, fat generation, and inflammation – a smart choice for a caffeine-free drink.

Our lightly flavoured tisanes and teas contain natural ingredients with no added ‘arômes naturels’, essential oils, or fillers. They’re also a great base for colourful cocktails; add lemon or lime juice for a dramatic change to magenta.

For more information on the antioxidants in Thé Paon teas, check out “Antioxidants in butterfly pea tea”.

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